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Is there anything that will spark the next crypto bull run?

The next crypto bull run will be sparked by what?

Is there a chance that the bulls will rear their heads due to a single BIG event? According to our understanding, a series of events will be the prequel to the motion picture Uptrend. The question is, who are the characters in this blockbuster film?

Let's examine this.


The continuation of innovation

Web3 and crypto industries will play a leading role in driving innovation. Increasing the number of apps, improving the ease of access and accessibility, and increasing the amount of inclusion. There will be a bull run following developers and thought leaders who contribute to the advancement of the space. The most desirable individuals are those who do not allow the current price of coins to hinder their progress with their projects.

Despite negative news and frequent haters and trolls, this character in the bull run film needs to be tough, resilient, and open to change. Even though the market has been in a bear trend, Intelfin continues to innovate and push boundaries forward with new strategies in order to give users an upper hand in the market.

Events of importance

It is likely that the next bull run will follow positive news stories, just as negative news impacted the integrity of the markets. For example, Ripple is currently in the middle of a lengthy lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In the event of a Ripple win, a great deal of buzz and excitement will be generated within the XRP community, which will eventually filter out to the broader cryptocurrency community as well.

In the present day, companies such as Nike, Starbucks, Facebook, and Instagram are utilizing blockchain technology in order to provide their users with more options and benefits when ordering their products or using their services. A growing market sentiment is generated when traditional Web 2.0 companies jump on board with Web 3.0 technology.


Participation and trust of end users

As a result of getting "burned", typically by losing money, many end users lost trust in the apps and communities they were a part of. The theft, loss, or inaccessibility of your hard-earned capital is good reason to lose trust not only in the individual platforms, but also in the industry as a whole.

A big part of the success of the next bull run feature film will be the trust and participation of the end users.

Blockchain networks such as Cosmostation, Xumm, and the future Intelfin network (IFGT) will become more popular with increased user participation. As each chain becomes more utilized, its assets will increase in value, and their worth will not be far behind. Additionally, trading volume on exchanges such as Binance and others must increase significantly.
Experiences enhanced within the application

Currently the apps and websites built with Web3 capabilities in mind such as token swapping and unique data ownership, come at the expense of a lower than optimal user-experience in terms of onboarding, graphics, and playability.

In most cases, users do not want to think about setting up or using the features of a game. Currently, cryptocurrency games require users to create a wallet and maintain a key phrase for security reasons. In spite of the fact that security is a good thing, users prefer a combination of security and simplicity that requires little thought or time on their part.

Let's take the example of Facebook. All that's needed to open an account is a username and password, and you can start socializing immediately. This process should be simplified in Web3 crypto apps, making it easier for users to sign up and use them on a daily basis.


The US regulatory system

The US falls behind the rest of the world in terms of government regulations for blockchain and cryptotech, failing to decide precisely which assets are securities and which ones are not. Different legal protocols to assist individuals and companies in investing in and developing products around cryptocurrencies have been delayed for months on end.

Eventually, specific laws will be enacted to regulate the crypto industry properly, which will enable big and small players in the space to gain clarity and prevent being sued at some point. A number of corporations are wary of entering the space due to their uncertainty about whether or not they will be troubled by the government.


Final Conclusions

In spite of the fact that no one knows the exact date of the big premiere of the bull market, it is coming. This group of five characters plays an important role in the storyline and serves as the basis for the emergence of a thriving ecosystem.

Upon seeing the pieces fall into place, we can complete the puzzle and observe the bulls running before our eyes. An enriched in-app user experience, continued innovation, and significant events will be the catalysts for the birth of a completely new market, with experiences that have never been seen before.

Are you prepared to play a role in making the next crypto bull run a blockbuster success? It is up to you to find the answer.


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