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Arbitrage bot

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Make use of the mathematical advantage!

The arbitrage bot helps you buy and sell an asset in fractions of a second, making a profit on the difference in altcoin prices between exchanges. With our bot, you will get the most profitable opportunities in arbitrage trading

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  • There are a number of challenges you will face when you do arbitrage trading on your own. What kind of problems can these be?

    For successful transactions you need to:

    • register and be verified on dozens of exchanges
    • to make differences in price among hundreds or even thousands of altcoins on dozens of exchanges
    • verify withdrawals and inputs on exchanges - this is important for rebalancing (fiat money, cryptocurrency, and stabelcoins) after successful transaction
    • trade among dozens of robots that compete with each other
    • have assets on all exchanges in dozens of different coins. The price of cryptocurrencies is unstable and doing rebalancing is a big risk, as exchanges can shut down withdrawals and the price can change dramatically during a transfer from one exchange to another. It is necessary to achieve synchronicity in this process
    • Monitor exchanges and p2p-platforms, identifying the difference between stabelcoins and fiat money for a successful transaction

    For one person taking all the nuances into account is difficult and costly. Any move could lead to a mistake and a loss of money

  • For productive work and solid results, our system includes:

    • accounts on all exchanges, physical and legal bank accounts in all countries with local exchanges
    • deposits and withdrawals in local currency as required by the Central Bank
    • continuously updated trading robots connected to all exchanges, tested and configured
    • servers that are located in the same area as the exchanges
    • the ability to trade all currencies on p2p exchanges

    We use a symbiosis of three methods of arbitrage trading:

    • Buying and moving cryptocurrencies
      How the method works: The system buys a cryptocurrency at one price and then moves it to the exchange where it is worth more and sells it
    • Marginal arbitrage of cryptocurrencies
      This method consists of buying the asset on one exchange and then selling it on a margin exchange that allows you to open short positions when the quotes diverge. In this case, the risks are minimised because the cryptocurrency does not need to be transferred between exchanges
    • One-way (statistical) arbitrage
      When quotes diverge, the cheapest cryptocurrency pair is bought, and when the quotes converge, the cryptocurrency pair is sold. The difference in the divergence of quotes allows you to profit even with a series of negative and positive trades. It is a mathematical advantage!

    We have created one of our automated, hybrid intelligence-driven programmes for inter-exchange cryptocurrency arbitrage that will help you make a decent income. The system scans quotes between exchanges at a set frequency and looks for opportunities to make a successful trade

Follow these 4 simple steps to get a mathematical advantage:

  • First you need to sign in into your account. If you don’t have one you can create it by clicking: Register
  • Top up your balance
  • Choose a product
  • Activate the service
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