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Liquidity pools

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A liquidity pool is a kind of vault where market participants store their assets to collectively provide a sufficient liquidity cushion for anyone wishing to exchange a particular asset

A liquidity pool in cryptocurrency is represented by cushions/stocks of tokens locked up in a designated smart contract account. While these are used to support trading activity, they are also actively involved in decentralised digital asset exchanges (DEX)

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Take advantage of the Intelfin multiplatform services, where our DeFi specialists have developed unique offers:

Single asset Multi asset Diversified asset
Initial balance / deposit $300 $900 $3'000
Minimum period of participation in liquidity pools 3 months 6 months 12 months
Fixed income 8% 10% 12%

You automatically receive your profit, and you can withdraw it every month from the start date +1 day of the next month. For example, you invested on the 15th of March and can withdraw your profit on the 16th of April

The system has no holidays - you get your profit the day you wish to withdraw!

Just follow these 4 simple steps to gain a mathematical advantage:

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