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"Your wish alone won't do the job for you! And Intelfin's multiplatform can do more..."

The hybrid bot combines several strategies at once depending on market situations. The main algorithms of the hybrid bot include: high frequency trading (hft) and fork-medium

When the hybrid bot intelligence, scanning the markets (spot/crypto, stock and derivatives), finds crossings of at least 5 buy/sell/hedge signals for a particular instrument, the system can engange additional strategies such as: VWAP, Adaptive Shortfall Strategy, BBS, POV

Advantages of averaging:

  • robot significantly reduces the average value of the asset
  • insurance of assets on the spot against sharp declines
  • insurance against loss in futures

Additional information:

  • The hybrid robot buys on the cryptocurrency market and simultaneously sells the corresponding futures instrument

    When the price of a crypto-asset rises, the algorithm compensates for the loss by forking. When the price falls, the artificial intelligence-based fork algorithm takes profits on the futures and averages the order amounts already at a higher percentage. Thus, the average price will always be one of the lowest

    An averaging strategy in a falling market involves investing additional amounts in a financial instrument or an asset if it drops significantly in price after the initial purchase

  • Let's give an example

    Our bot buys 100 coins worth $100. If the market goes down, bot averages the position by buying 100 more coins, but at $80. The bot has 200 coins at a total price of $180. The average price for 100 coins would be $90

    100 x (90 - $100) = -$1,000
    100 x (90 - $80) = $1,000
    1 000 $ + (-$1,000) = 0 $ at the price of $90

    The exit to breakeven is therefore $10 below the initial entry price of $100

    If the coin reaches $99, the bot generates a potential profit of $1,800:

    100 coins x (99 - $100) = -$100
    100 Coins x (99 - $80) = $1,900
    $1,900 + (-$100) = $1,800 at $99

  • If the coin price continues to rise and reaches $110, the potential profit is now $4,000. By averaging on the preceding decline, you will increase your profit by 4 times, although your investment will only be doubled

    If the bot had not used an averaging strategy when the coin fell to $80, the potential profit of the position at $110 would have been only $1,000

Follow these 4 simple steps to gain the mathematical advantage:

  • First you need to sign in in to your account. If you don’t have one, you can create one by clicking: Register
  • Top up your balance
  • Choose a product
  • Activate the service
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