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How can DeFi be used to make huge profits?

What are the ways in which DeFi can help you earn significant passive income?

Decentralized applications are one of the most exciting developments in DeFi, as they can be used by yield farmers to generate unprecedented profits.

The speed and flexibility of Dapps allow you to earn profits beyond anything else available in the investment market. DeFi solutions can provide higher returns than traditional methods of increasing capital such as real estate or the stock market. A dapp product or protocol can also offer significantly higher returns to those who already own cryptocurrencies. Additionally, a dapp wallet will ensure that your funds remain secure while the coins lie idle.

"Profit farmers" utilize blockchain technology to become liquidity providers, rather than simply investing in Bitcoin, Ripple, or Ethereum. With these services, DeFi applications can borrow cryptocurrency capital at extremely high interest rates, and the company uses these funds to trade or lend to other users. 
It is a win-win situation for everyone: the company gets liquidity and users get a high return on their cryptocurrency investment.

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