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Intelfin's holiday co-financing programs

Dear intellectual friend, greetings!
This festive season Intelfin Group wants to please youmore than 🎅🏻Santa Claus!

⚛️ Intelfin will launch its own network in 2023, did you know that? Combined with the New Year holiday, we were able to serve you doubly generously!

There will be more luck for the fastest & smartest!

🎁 There will be an extension of the holiday gifts until January 15, or until the co-financing pool is not exhausted.

🔔 Take advantage of an extra 10% for each balance Top up from January 1 to January 15, 2023 (UTC)!

⭐️ Until Jan 15, 2023 (UTC), on 🤖Hybrid Bot pool activating:

⭐️ Until Jan 15, 2023 (UTC), on 🤖Arbitrage Bot pool activating:

It's time to begin! Chat with us!

The good news doesn't stop there! Prepare yourself!

🔔 Activate any Liquidity Pool between December 31, 2022 and January 7, 2023,
and we'll give you the same pool for FREE!

It's true, you didn't think so!

🎁 You really have the opportunity to double your capital with Intelfin Group's Liquidity Pools!


All you need to do is:

1. Top Up platform balance

(for each replenishment you will receive an additional 20%),

2.  Activate one or more Liquidity pools

(for each new contract, we give a second Liquidity pool for FREE)

3. Contact platform's support to

double your Liquidity Pool assets!


Why you can trust us

Double your investment in the New Year!

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