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In the membership activation menu, it says “Validity period”

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ℹ️ “Validity period” in the membership activation for Hybrid Bot and Arbitrage Bot pools

🔅 Please take a look at an example of what “Validity period” means in the Hybrid Bot pool membership activation window and the Arbitration Bot pool membership activation window.

The drop-down menu of the “Validity period” section allows you to select the hold/stake period for the amount you plan to put into operation for the selected pool.

As a result of a more extended hold/stake period, you will also receive additional interest on the profit you will receive on a monthly basis, based on the results of the selected pool.

🔎 Take a look at a few examples 👇👇

Example 1️⃣

You are about to activate the Hybrid Bot pool membership and stake the minimum amount allowed — 100 IFGT, which is equivalent to 1000 USDT.

〰️This particular case can be expressed in the following formula:
10%(bot profitability for the past month) + (0.1*10%) = 11%.

Example 2️⃣

As part of your Hybrid Bot membership, you will stake 230 IFGT, which is equivalent to 2300 USDT.

〰️ This case can be expressed as follows in the form of a formula:
15%(bot profitability for the past month) + (0.2*15%) = 18%

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