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There is a way to reduce your risk to close to zero, while still making steady profits in the crypto markets these days. A reliable return can be obtained by an investing platform, regardless of whether the market rebounds or sinks.

An advantage of a crypto trading platform is that it uses automated trading bots to minimize your risk exposure. Unlike traditional banks, it provides an effortless passive income that is many times higher than what is offered by a traditional investment company.

Currently generating a lot of attention, Intelfin is an automated investment multiplatform built on the Intelfin ecosystem, integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, aimed at assisting investors in maximizing their profits on cryptocurrency markets. Here are some details:

Trusted and Safe

In the wake of the FTX collapse, Intelfin has played a major role in restoring investor confidence in crypto. Since its establishment in 2020, Intelfin has earned an excellent reputation for reliability, consistently high profits, regulatory compliance, external oversight, and trustworthy support services.

Profitability that is industry-high and stable

Today’s crypto climate is characterized by a high level of concern for the safety of funds, but profitability is also an important consideration for crypto owners. No legitimate competitor can match Intelfin’s monthly interest rate up to 22.4%, regardless of market fluctuations.

Depending on the automated trading bot you choose, you will earn a specific amount. With the activation of Liquidity pools, you will be able to earn interest and a stable monthly profit.

User-friendly interface

Another major advantage of Intelfin is the ease and speed with which products can be activated. It is easy to set up and does not require an in-depth understanding of cryptography or blockchain.

The process involves registering with the platform and then depositing funds in USDT TRC-20. Through the dashboard, you have the option of activating a trading bot in order to increase your profits.

Choosing the trading bot and the length of the plan is the next step. The longer the duration of the plan, the higher the rate. The last step is to choose an amount to start bot, and it’s that simple.

Automated trading bots with a rich array of features

Moreover, the Intelfin trading platform offers some unique opportunities that can help you increase your profits:

• Activation rewards are offered by Intelfin bots.

Depending on the selected activation period of the bot, you may be able to receive additional interest.

• Affiliate payouts can be up to 10% of the amount your friend invests in platform pools using a unique promo code system.

Strong native token

Intelfin is a decentralized ecosystem based on the internal tokens of its products and memberships, whose total value is expressed in the platform’s main internal token — $IFGT.

Intelfin Ecosystem: Intelfin Global Investment Multiplatform was launched in the third quarter of 2020 and is under active development.

Intelfin DAO, Intelfin NFT, Intelfin AI, Intelfin Staking and Intelfin DEX applications are under active development.


Choose an investment without stress.

The platform analyzes real-time price differences to determine the lowest price at which to buy your chosen digital currency and the highest price at which to sell it in order to maximize your profit.

You can invest safely and securely with Intelfin, and we have a team of professionals available to assist you if you have any questions.

So, relax and start expanding your investment portfolio

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