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Are Bitcoin and crypto going to end fiat currencies? We inquired about this in ChatGPT.

Known as ChatGPT, it is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can solve problems, perform advanced programming, answer complex questions, and spell out the end of fiat currencies.

Since Intelfin team is AI enthusiasts, we decided to observe how the chatGPT functioned and ask questions about the future of cryptocurrency.

As a starting point, we asked ChatGPT how mankind could end central banking. It is important to note that Bitcoin was created while the 2008 financial crisis was on the horizon, and in the genesis block as well. Satoshi Nakamoto may have been opposed to central banks given the words “Chancellor on the brink of second bailout for banks” etched on the back of the coin.

According to ChatGPT, decentralized digital currencies, like Bitcoin, could be a useful tool for ending central banking. When asked by our team to answer the question in two words, the bot replied, “decentralize finance.” In other words, DeFi could eliminate the central bank.

After receiving a satisfactory response regarding the end of central banking, we moved on to the specifics of how to end it. How can humanity end fiat currency?

As a result, we received the following response:

Global adoption of decentralized digital currencies or alternative systems of exchange and value that operate independently of traditional fiat currencies and central banking systems.

We may be able to bring a little closer to that realization with the powerful ChatGPT bot on the Intelfin team.

Final thoughts

Based on blockchain and hybrid intelligence, Intelfin has developed a highly automated and responsive system. By automating arbitrage, hybrid, and liquidity pools, aspiring and experienced investors, financial managers, and companies can succeed more easily and confidently

Our mission is to move cryptocurrency from large financial institutions into the hands of ordinary people. The Intelfin platform makes it possible for people without experience to take advantage of automated investing AI-based platform.

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