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A Complete Guide to Robots for Trading Cryptocurrency

The round-the-clock cryptocurrency market is developing rapidly, but it is precarious. The trajectory of your digital assets can change in a second, and trying to manage to trade manually can be incredibly difficult. For this reason, many traders who have little free time to sit in front of the screen and monitor their open positions prefer to use a cryptocurrency automatic trading bot.

Trading bots for Bitcoin and Ethereum are automated systems that make cryptocurrency transactions on your behalf. The software is connected to the exchange’s API and is programmed to implement custom strategies with pre-set triggers for opening and closing positions.

After choosing a bot, the first thing you need to do is to check whether it works with the exchange you have chosen. As with the private key for the wallet, you will have an API key, and you will need to keep it safe to protect your account. It is also helpful to use two-factor authentication and strong passwords, where possible, on any automated trading platform that you use.

Many bots offer you the opportunity to reverse test-run a strategy on historical data. This special tool will allow you to see what would have happened if you had used a particular strategy in past market conditions. Some bots also offer real-time testing, where you can simulate a strategy in real-time, which is even better for understanding how your approach can work in the current market.

There are different types of cryptocurrency trading bots suitable for each price range, type of trader, strategic approach, and level of automation.
Any comprehensive review of cryptocurrency trading bots should include a discussion of hosting and non-hosting bots, as well as a review of ready-made systems. They require minimal effort since strategies are already programmed in them, so coding is not required.

Prices, of course, will differ depending on the breadth of the bot’s functionality and the complexity of programming. Novice traders may be willing to pay a little more to get a pre-coded bitcoin trading bot strategy that uses various technical analysis tools to trigger specific actions.

How to Make Cryptocurrency Trading Profitable With the Help of Bots

If you want to trade profitably using a bot, it is essential to understand that a bull market requires a different strategy than a bear market, and digital assets behave differently. Trading bots used for trading a new altcoin, bitcoin, or Ethereum should be universal, providing the best strategic approach for each type of cryptocurrency in any market conditions.

Although it may not seem intuitive, one of the best ways to make cryptocurrency trading profitable is to start small and not throw too much money on one trade at once. If your bot makes a great deal, you can always mirror it manually.

Volatility is the main characteristic of crypto investing, and this means that in a matter of minutes, the cryptocurrencies you choose can grow or fall by as much as 10%, so the best option for you is to stick to pairs with a high trading volume so that you can buy or sell at the correct minute.

It is worth remembering that losses are as much a part of automatic trading as manual trading. The fact that a machine is involved does not mean that it always makes accurate market forecasts. After all, the strategies she implements were programmed by a human. The best thing you can expect is to consistently get more profit than losses, and a good bot created based on adequate strategies should do this.

An essential piece of advice for successful bot trading is to be careful when manually interfering with the bot trading strategy when there is a panic due to falling prices or fear of missing out on benefits.

The most reasonable option is always to use Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, which will allow you to set a trigger for automatically exiting the transaction when the coin reaches a specific price above or below its current value.

When it comes to choosing the best trading bot, cryptocurrency traders will look for a user-friendly interface, fast-responding software, and a stable platform that, if pre-programmed, will implement low-risk and high-yield strategies.

The best trading bot that cryptocurrency traders can use to minimize risk is an algorithmic crypto-arbitrage trading system. Crypto-arbitrage involves using the time difference in prices on different exchanges.

The bot will buy the coin on the exchange, offered at the lowest available price, and then sell it on the exchange with the highest available price to make a profit on the spread.

The advantage of this strategy is that it does not depend on whether the cryptocurrency will maintain its trajectory or change it, and therefore you are not subject to losses from sudden fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. Temporary price imbalances occur for various reasons, such as differences in trading volume and liquidity on small and extensive exchanges. They will arise and create profit opportunities with the same regularity as before, whether it is a bearish or bullish trend, making crypto-arbitrage an excellent means of protection against a falling market.

As we have already seen, trading bots offer some apparent advantages, such as saving time in front of the screen, tracking price movements, identifying trends, and making trades at the right moment. However, it would be best to find a suitable bot that will meet your specific requirements in terms of coding, price, strategy, and functionality.

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