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A brief overview of cryptojacking and how you can protect yourself from it. Final thoughts

What you can do to prevent cryptojacking

The majority of cryptojacking occurs when hackers insert scripts into your browser when you visit a particular website and use them to mine cryptocurrency very slowly via your device. Cryptojacking attacks can be prevented primarily by blocking these scripts in browsers and antivirus software developed by companies that produce these products.

Cryptojacking, however, can cause serious damage to your device when it is embedded with more deeply integrated malware. As a result of prolonged and intensive use of the CPU or GPU by the malware, cryptojacking causes a high level of load on the computer, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the device.

Cryptojacking can be prevented by regularly running an antivirus scan on your device.


We have already noted the difficulty of identifying whether your computer is simply outdated or has been compromised by cryptojackers. Try these cryptojacking test questions to determine how secure your computer is.

Identifying attacks:

Does your device work slower after you have downloaded or installed it?
Is your electricity bill increasing significantly, which you are unable to explain by your daily activities?
Is your computer overheating even when there are no open programs on it?

Questions to determine your vulnerability:

Are you experiencing problems with your antivirus software?
Do you regularly check your computer for viruses?
Are you using the latest version of antivirus software on your computer?

Cryptojacking protection, as well as other forms of hacking and fraud

Regardless of whether you own a digital currency or not, cryptojacking can occur to anyone, so it is important to use an antivirus that is reliable and regularly updated.

Sadly, the words "hacker" and "cryptocurrency" are all too common in news headlines. Since there is no regulation in the cryptocurrency space and it is an anonymous environment, it is important for anyone who attempts to enter this arena to be aware that hacking and fraud are not uncommon. Utilizing a fully licensed and regulated crypto investment platform is the best way to protect your capital and simultaneously benefit from the lucrative opportunities of the digital currency market.

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